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The eBookZone Mind is Out! Learn More...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In Life, We Are Alone: Reflections On Living

Many of us are living a life where we’re always connected with the rest of the world. We also tend to be constantly on the go during work and even during our free time.
The rise of the Internet has meant that the traditional media have been supplemented by social media which are forms of media that are more interactive and personal.

We think of ourselves as individuals but, at the same time, we choose to become part of a larger community - the connected global society.
I wonder whether we’re spending too much of our time online trying to create our virtual persona. How many reflect on the implications of their online activity (virtual) on the real world. And, more importantly, is our engagement with social media and other forms of entertainment offered by technology a way to escape from our daily life?
I suspect that the Western world and parts of the majority world are encouraging a culture that is individualised, consumerist and impulsive. I’m aware that I am not free from these “vices”.
However, I believe that our over-indulgence are partly caused by our fear of being alone. Alone with our thoughts and feelings to be precise. We fear to stop and take the time to reflect on our life and how we feel about our daily experiences. I have found much value in meditation practice myself but this method may not be for everyone. However, I feel it’s crucial that in a fast moving society where we’re overloaded with information, we take some time every day to reflect on our life and get to know ourselves better.
Many believe they know who they are. Yet, when they find themselves in a difficult situation, they may discover that they act in ways that contradicts their self-image. It’s surprising how much you can learn about yourself just by taking the time to pay attention to your mind.
No one can live your life for you. If you don’t know yourself or never bothered to get to know who you are as a human being, you cannot expect other people to understand you. Yet, we often choose to avoid dealing with ourselves and, instead, try to distract ourselves through activities that may be physically harmless or, worse, to try to drown our thoughts using intoxicants or drugs.
We live our life alone. This doesn’t mean that we are physically on our own but that no one can really feel what we feel or think what we think. Our individual experiences are personal and they are what influence who we are. In turn, we may change how we think or feel if we choose to. As the Buddha said, we are masters of our own destiny (paraphrased).. However, if we want change, we must be aware of who we are first.
Of course, there may be friends and family that we can count on in our lives. We may find people who can relate to us as human beings. We can share in the experience of life which is full of ups and downs. While it’s good that we find the support of others in life, the fact remains that we must be ready to take responsibility over our own lives. No one can live in our place.
Blogquote We must be ready to take the time to get to know who we are better and love ourselves for who we are without falling into the traps of pride or narcissism.
Getting to know who we are better will not just make us more comfortable with who we are and help us change for the better but it will also improve our relationships with those around us. Indeed, knowing and loving yourself are essential for those who wish to pursue a more serious relationship such as marriage. For how can you expect another to love you if you don’t know who you really are?

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