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The eBookZone Mind is Out! Learn More...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Forever Young

Feeling Older at 32…

When we start getting older, we start longing for the times when we were younger and healthier than we are today. Especially, when you realise that you have changed a lot since your childhood and when you know that those times will never come back.

I am just 32, I know, but my body feels much older than that. Ironic, if you consider that when people who don't know me see me on a wheelchair, they talk to me as if I was a child!
I confess, being treated as a child has always affected how I view myself. It doesn't help that I have a small stature and that my voice has never really cracked which means, yes, that over the phone I am often mistaken for a woman!.

Like A Voice in the Desert

I wonder whether my struggle to express who I am stems from a need to be, no longer, an outsider, a stranger - almost an alien. To this day, I remain feeling like the "other". A man who isn't quite a man. In many ways, I don't know how to define myself as there are so many ways by which I can define myself but nothing that fits.

Yet, I think, that deep inside, there's still part of me who is still the same child. The boy who dreamed of a future where he could be whoever he wanted to be. And, while that child has grown up and gained different experiences, that young dreamer still remains and he reflects on his adult self....

A child may dream of becoming anything he or she wants to be. As s/he grows, a cynical world crushes these dreams. But, I ask, is it that bad to keep the hope in a better world for everyone alive in spite of what the world says?

A Short Reflection...

Nobody can forbid us from dreaming. Nobody can force us not to hope. Nobody can make us act harmfully. We are the ones who choose our miseries.

What next?

I know that I need to do my part in this only life I've got. The question is whether I'm up to the challenge and,n in spite of what the world says, employ the experience and wisdom I have gained and have the courage to be forever young and believe that only if we believe in truth, justice and compassion, will we ever save our human family! .
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